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Restaurants at The ASHOK

Responding to its growing International clientele, The Ashok has a splendid cavalcade of multi-cuisine offerings on board. From the Capitol discotheque, to the gentle pleasures of the Tea Lounge, The Ashok offers visitors a taste of times in all its multi-faceted avatars – The Samavar (24 hour Coffee Shop), The Oudh, Frontier, NomNom, Sagar Ratna, Shraman, Pangaea-a happening nightclub and Zerruco- a Mediterranean restaurant.

The Oudh

The Oudh offers lavish buffet lunch and a'la carte dinner amidst curtly splendor. Choicest spices & flavorings of Shorbas, Kababs, Biryanis and Quormas boast off an exquisite dining experience.


Food from land where the men are tough and the meat is tender. Savour the soft and succulent delights to the string of the rabab amidst contemporary fine dining ambience.

The Samavar (24 hour Coffee Shop)

Representing the freshness and leisure-coated serenity with a gastronomic experience. The Samavar - 24 Hour Coffee Shop offers relishing experience with world cuisines overlooking the swimming pool.

Cake Shop & Tea Lounge

Cake Shop offers delectable bakery & confectionary delights such as hand crafted breads, croissants, tarts, cookies, chocolates and an elegant assortment of savoury as well as freshly prepared cakes and pastries. Tea lounge offers the…

Executive Lounge

Cosy comfortable lounge for tete-a-tete serving gourmet entremets with hot and cold beverages.

Sagar Ratna

Sagar Ratna offers authentic South Indian Vegetarian Cuisine.